Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Welcome to Hobby Hideout!

Welcome to Hobby Hideout, a Blog dedicated to painting, modelling, interesting articles and random musing in my world of tabletop gaming.

First off I am not going to lie to you. This is my first Blog and between raising my son Aiden, working full time and trying to get as much hobby time as possible updates may sometimes be infrequent, although the content will be worthy of a read and possibly a forward onto friends and other hobbiests alike.

Lets be honest who gives a crap about who I am and what I do? I have read other Blogs before and it has been the content that has interested me and not the writer. Show me some painting articles, tips and tricks to speed paint

I guess all you need to know is I am a gamer, most of my money goes to this hobby and I am willing to try any gaming system and spend the cash to have a good time.

Basically I am a standard tabletop wargamer!

At the moment I am currently enjoying Warhammer Fantasy after 18 months away from the system and I was lucky enough to grab a cheap unpainted Tomb King army that can be painted up quickly and stuck on the table at a tabletop standard.

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