Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dualling Paintbrush Challenge

Earlier in October 2012, it was presented to members of my local gaming club the opportunity to join a year November campaign to paint for our lives.

The rules for the campaign were easy - paint 1000+ points of your selected gaming system during the month of November, present your finished models with pictures via the Facebook Group, Bloggs or courier pigeon to other members and then gloat in your painting glory.

Being my first post on this (mine) Blogg, I thought what better way than to break the ice than show off my terrible photography skills and masterful ability to speed paint through an army. Or at the very least paint 1000 points and move onto another project.

The army in question are my Games Workshop 40k Grey Knights. Although I chose a system that I rarely play, the thought of painting something that wasn’t an Orc or a Goblin from a random fantasy universe, or my Trollbloods from the PP range was exciting.
Painting up an army of face-fucking murderous Paladins and Dreadknights was a highlight, and hopefully the appalling photo skills below can at least convey some semblance of painting skills.

Finally, the painting process for the models shown below was as such;
-          Prime the models with Army Painted Chainmail spray
-          Generously cover the model with Asurmen Blue wash from the prior GW range before that screwed their current fan-base of those colours
-          Dry brush Chainmail all over the model
-          Highlight the Oath/Seals with Blood Red and Bleached Bone

-          Two coats of PVA glue. One to stick and one to seal the dirt covering the base.
-          Paint the dirt black then dry brush white.
-          Leave small cavities within the base to fill with resin to give the impression of water/puddles

I hope you like the final result.


  1. They look good! Man, it doesn't take many Grey Knights to make 1000 points does it?

    1. Hoodling, you are correct hence the choice of 40k as my system to paint and start the challenge.

      More to come by tonight if my order for Asurmen wash turns up.

  2. Huzzah! Are you going to add a third coat of PVA to add gloss and depth to the slime? The Hippo demands that you do!

  3. I have been using a third party epoxy/resin product that creates water puddles and dries within about 24 hours. The pictures shown above don't seem to give the bases justice...

  4. Good Work!
    Pity I can't play against it!